Limestone Mining


PT Gistrav Andalas Energi

PT Gistrav Andalas Energy, established in 2023 deals downstream of continuous surface mining as the crushing alternative from resources all over Indonesia, one of the major competitive limestone mining companies that is the best company under Gistrav Corporation. Our team consists of experienced resource executives and is directed and supported by people in charge with a wide range of experience across the resource spectrum.

PT Gistrav Andalas Energy focuses on the reliable and sustainable production of limestone of various sizes for cement or other application of limestone for quick lime factories, smelters, feed mills, etc. Our objective is to maximize value to its shareholders through the exploration, development, or commercialization of opportunities in base and precious silica sand within Indonesia.

PT Gistrav Andalas Energy is supplying limestone products to companies with various purposes. We are positioning ourselves to jointly co-create products/services to meet our client’s needs via innovations, especially related to mineral treatment needs: from mining, crushing, screening, sizing, and grinding. Our concentration in market development, network development with our partner, and silica sand trading are supporting the development of our company.