Energy consumption is an important aspect of our operations because energy costs are one of the largest cost components in mining services. The most widely used energy sources are fossil fuels as fuel for production equipment and electricity from the State Electricity Company (PLN) for supporting activities outside the mine. Energy use creates the main source of greenhouse effect emissions in our activities. Climate change occurs and causes environmental degradation, floods and droughts, and other effects that threaten the survival of humankind. In the Paris Agreement, countries in the world, including Indonesia, have committed to preventing the increase in the average temperature of the earth to no more than 2° Celsius in 2100. Climate action is one of the efforts made to reduce emissions and build resilience to climate impacts through adaptation and mitigation actions, including preventing green house effect emissions from human activities. Energy efficiency and the use of cleaner energy sources are one of the Company’s commitments to reduce green house effect emissions.

Along with using energy for operational activities, the company also produces green house effect emissions from mining activities, waste processing, chemical processes, and land use and utilization. The company is committed to taking steps to fight climate change, one of which is by reducing green house emissions through various initiatives. In the context of sustainability, emission control is an important aspect of us.