The company made a working program for environment management. As a company that works in the mining business, Gistrav Energy realizes that any changes to the better side will contribute to climate change decreasing through greenhouse effect management, water and waste management, waste, and dangerous material (B3) handling, and maintaining the balance of nature through biodiversity management. The company is making sure that our effort is to reduce the threat to our environment. The effort of the company making result in the economic side of society’s development. On the operational activity, the attempt have an impact on the environment such as fossil energy that will affect natural sustainability. Therefore, the company is always making sure all of the aspects and effects will be managed effectively to prevent any pollution and environmental support degradation.

The company set environmental policies that will apply:

  • Ensuring all the hazards and risks of “work safety and work environment” managed effectively to prevent occupational disease, prevent incidents due to labor diseases and create healthy workplace.
  • Ensuring all aspects and effect that will affect the environment will be managed effectively to prevent pollution and decreasing environmental carrying capacity.
  • Comply will all applicable laws and regulations, internal standards, and other requirements.
  • Support employee involvement (participation and consultation) in K3, KO and LH aspects in all work locations.

We are committed to reaching the highest performance to the environmental management that is written on Occupational Safety and Health, Operational Safety and the Environment. The purpose of this decision is to make a company with a safe working environment, healthy, and clean that will make operational activity safe, efficient, and productive.