Employee health and safety comes first by minimizing the risk of disease transmission in the workplace. The implementation of this policy also makes it impossible to carry out direct or face-to-face employee development programs. The company continues to encourage all employees to give their best work at all times. Employee activities are focused on finding new opportunities through innovation activities and carrying out developments that can increase organizational productivity.

The company adheres to the principle of humanity and ensures that there are no discriminatory practices in all business activities and in all work area environments. In line with the company’s strategy, the Company provides opportunities for people around the operating area who meet the requirements to become employees as an effort to increase the absorption of local workers and the economy in the region. The company believes that human resources management is a strategic step that determines business continuity now and in the future. The HR management strategy is contained in the People Strategy, which is part of the Triple-P Roadmap sustainability strategy: Portfolio, People and Public Contribution, made over a period of three years and reviewed once a year. This strategy aims to create superior and sustainable human resources supported by effective regeneration and leadership.