Mining Logistics


PT Gistrav Andalas Energi

PT Gistrav Andalas Energi strives to develop its vertically integrated operations from pit to port to power plant by adding more subsidiaries along the coal supply chain and achieve operational excellence in all aspects of its complex operations. Streamlining the ownership structure of its subsidiaries and eliminating waste (unnecessary or redundant activities) in work processes were among the key strategies executed to achieve stronger synergy for producing high quality products with the lowest cost and shortest cycle time. The role of the logistics pillar is essential to ensure that all Gistrav Andalas’ coal distribution can secure reliably smooth processes of coal transport from the loading port to the discharging port, so that the coal deliveries will arrive a the customers’ locations according to the agreed schedule, specifications and quality.

Gistrav Andalas Energi’s officer places vessels at well-defined vessel loading points and monitors all activities performed on the vessels, including stevedoring activities. All offshore loading operations are managed and monitored from a floating command center equipped with adequate satellite communications and GPS tracking systems, to achieve a quick turnaround time from arrival to departure. In carrying out these activities, IMPT prioritizes the port’s safety and security as guided by the environmental impact license and a certificate of compliance