Health and Safety

Occupational Safety and Health (OHS) is a very important aspect considering that the company is engaged in high-risk mining. Various mining safety programs have been implemented to guarantee and protect all employees so that they can work in a healthy and safe manner to be able to achieve productive, effective and efficient results.

The Company is determined to achieve the highest possible performance in Occupational Safety and Health Management (OHS) and Operational Safety (OS) at all work sites by implementing and maintaining PAMA Safety, Health and Environment Management System (“PSMS”) Rejuvenation in every work field. The company has established OHS policies as follows:

  1. Ensuring all occupational safety hazards and risks are managed effectively to create a safe workplace in order to prevent dangerous incidents from occurring, injuries and deaths to people, preventing damage to property and cessation of production.
  2. Ensuring that all hazards and risks to occupational health and the work environment are managed effectively to prevent occupational diseases, prevent incidents due to workers’ illnesses and create a healthy workplace.
  3. Comply with all applicable laws and regulations, internal standards and other requirements.
  4. Support employee involvement (participation and consultation) in K3, KO and LH aspects in all work locations.
  5. Ensuring the system and implementation of maintenance/maintenance and feasibility of facilities, infrastructure, installations, equipment.
  6. Ensure installation security is managed effectively.
  7. Ensuring the competence of technical personnel is fulfilled and in accordance with statutory regulations.
  8. Evaluate technical review reports.
  9. Carry out efforts to prevent and combat drugs and HIV/AIDS.
  10. Always improve the satisfaction of all stakeholders.