Silica Mining


PT Dipayana Okta Abadi

PT Dipayana Okta Abadi, established in 2023 is commiting to produce high quality and consistent silica sand from sand resources all over Indonesia, one of the major competitive silica sand producing company that is the company under Gistrav Corporation. The company has been responding to the needs of industry, always with the purpose of making it easy for businesses, contractors and tradesmen to get products they need, when they need them.

PT Dipayana Okta Abadi focus on producing silica sand, so we have great integrity in the experience and the development of the company’s business. The company‚Äôs objective is to maximize value to its shareholders through exploration, development or commercialization of opportunities in base and precious silica sand within Indonesia.

PT Dipayana Okta Abadi is supplying silica sand products to companies with various purposes. We are positioning ourselves as one of the leading silica sand producing companies by continuing to build alliances of cooperation with partners in domestic and foreign parties. The company always worked toward making it easy for our customers, to acquire our products. Our concentration in market development, network development with our partner, and silica sand trading are supporting the development of our company.

The company seeks to manage operations effectively on transporting and concession the matter, improve people development. The health and well-being of our people is central to our approach to business and we are committed to ensuring we maintain a safe workplace for our employees. We are creating working environment in accordance with the vision and mission of our company.